Mohawk Presents Paper With a Plan

Mohawk Paper with a Plan exclusive event

Behind everything we make, there is a creative plan and printing is no exception. Making paper a part of that plan is the key to bringing your project to life from PDF to printed object. And making an informed paper selection is a necessary ingredient to making print that stands out and creates impact.

That’s why Mohawk has refined and reorganized its paper portfolio into 5 distinct Collections that help make choosing paper by its properties and attributes easier.

Mohawk wants to share their plan with you, which is why they are offering an exclusive opportunity to join us on the Project Peacock platform to walk through Paper With a Plan and what’s to come for Mohawk in 2022 — and beyond!

Join us on Wednesday, December 15th at 1 PM ET, and together let’s turn the page on paper specification.

All attendees of this event that are residents of the United States and Canada will receive a Paper With a Plan Collections Kit shipping the week of December 20.

Attendees outside of the United States and Canada will be placed on Mohawk’s International waitlist and their kits will ship in January 2022.


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