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Attract new clients, increase brand awareness and deliver on project objectives. Agfa Graphics’ wide-format inkjet printers achieve striking visual effects on surfaces as thick as two inches and up to 10 feet wide. Want viewers to touch and feel an image? Agfa’s 3D printing layers ink and varnish for textural appeal. Our varnish applications can highlight an image or achieve lenticular effects producing a moving, optical illusion. Agfa’s wide format devices print on metal, plywood, bamboo, the possibilities are endless. Our innovations deliver dramatic impact while strengthening your marketing message. Agfa is the only wide format equipment manufacturer with in-depth expertise of substrates, including our own Duratex brand. Ask us about our engaging, entertaining and unlimited wide format capabilities. Your imagination will reach new heights.

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Agfa Graphics puts perfection into printing. With advanced equipment, software and consumables for the graphic communications industry, we help you maximize quality, efficiency, and productivity within your graphic enterprise. Our obsession to manufacture the most innovative technology gives you countless options, greater applications, and limitless creativity to attract brand owners, engage prospects, and differentiate from the competition. Agfa Graphics knows how to drive consistency, productivity and offers the ability to print to exacting standards. That’s what you get from Agfa Graphics.

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