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Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California’s value proposition is all about the numerous benefits that members receive—cost-saving, revenue-generating products and services, as well as support at both the local and national level.

While some of the issues and needs of graphic industry companies differ regionally across North America, others affect us all. That’s why when you join you get local and national memberships:

PIASC – Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California, the regional organization.

PIA – Printing Industries of America, the national organization.


PIASC is an extension of your business to relieve you of time/headaches, create additional savings and advocate for your industry. In fact, PIASC offers so many essential benefits and services that membership quickly pays for itself.

PIASC vows to help our members thrive by providing a great deal of business support. This includes improving the standards of our industry, enhancing the public attitude toward it, and bettering the conditions within all segments of the industry.

For over 80 years graphics industry businesses in Southern California have counted on PIASC to help them thrive. Join PIASC for practical assistance that makes a difference in your business’ bottom line, including access to the experts and resources you need.

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