Bring Your Marketing to Life. Start a Customer Conversation with Disruptive AR Experiences

Create real-time, AR experiences for customer acquisition, growth and retention with the BLUairspace Augmented Reality platform. We work with companies to enhance their brand and app experience. The platform aligns with current production workflows and is highly scalable allowing a company, agency or print service provider to manage one or hundreds of accounts, campaigns, and experiences. We’d love to help you generate new customer interactions and revenue generating opportunities.

Calling All Creatives

Are you looking to creatively and effectively bring your designs to life? Have you thought about implementing AR but concerned that you will need to learn a new program?

Make sure to stop by the RealityBLU table while you’re at the Project Peacock Print Fair. We’ll show you our design tools which are based on the tools you currently use. You’ll see how to easily integrate images, photos, 3D renderings, animations, and video into your campaigns using our intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Want a sneak peek before March 14? Check out our video.

Revenue Generation for Brand Managers

Bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds and engage with customers in new, meaningful ways. Use AR to educate and inform key audiences –customers, internal sales, remote service professionals and partners. Looking at the opportunity in this way, AR becomes a business asset, not just a game.

To help you get started we recommend our Blog “Three Customer Goals for Marketing Success.” In it, you’ll read about a brand that grew 60% in volume sales and 70% in value using AR.

Increase Your Customer Stickiness, Print Service Providers

You’re in a competitive market. Evolve your business, embrace digital marketing and support your brand clients’ marketing initiatives. Extend the life of the printed piece or the multi-channel program you are supporting.  AR is a viable business application and adds a direct connection from any printed material – label, sales collateral, credit card bill and more – to a mobile device. You are in a unique position to expand your value proposition by integrating AR into your existing offerings and workflows.

Read what we learned while at Print 18.

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