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In 2021 Project Peacock evolved into a RESOURCE PLATFORM accessible 24/7.

Attendees registered to: Learn about new print applications • Learn about new paper and substrates • Learn about new printing technology • Learn about new specialty finishing • Learn about new marketing technology • Find new equipment partners • Find new print service providers • Find new design and marketing providers • Connect and network with global print and marketing professionals.


1285 attendees registered and visited 15,959 times for an average of 46 minutes!

We had 55 partners, 38 speakers, 29 sessions, 4 Peacock Platform events, 2 special events with Landa and Mohawk!

5,463 watched on-demand content for an average of 55 mins!

6,263 visited partner booths for an average of 27 mins!

There were 1073 chat interactions during sessions – Exhibitors received 1049 booth messages – and 3095 private messages between attendees were exchanged. That is engagement!

Watch the sessions and special events from the Project Peacock Platform. Get intel and strategy for print project planning and learn about the tools, technologies, and techniques that drive creative and business results. 

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Streaming Printspiration is coming to a Device Near You, March 2022.


See all the 2021 Project Peacock Platform Partners who contributed and supported the sessions below.

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